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Dear Colleagues,

As a President of Korean Scholars of Marketing Science, It is my utmost pleasure to welcome
you to KSMS website.

The KSMS, formerly Korean Academy of Marketing Science, is the organization that provides
direct benefits to marketing professionals in both business and education. We have served all
levels of marketing practitioners, educators, and students since 1998. KSMS became the biggest
marketing organization in Asia.

We have been striving to implement our mission statement: Globalization, Academic Excellence
and Localization. For the globalization, KSMS has organized many Global Marketing
Conferences jointly hosted with American Marketing Association, European Marketing Academy,
Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution,
China Marketing Association and International Textile and Apparel Association in Singapore,
Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai since 2008. KSMS has organized Global Fashion Management
Conferences jointly hosted with London College of Fashion, University of Florence, Italian
Marketing Association in London and Florence since 2014.

For the academic excellence, KSMS has two official journals such as Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (JGSMS) and Journal of Global Fashion Marketing which are published by Taylor & Francis. KSMS has published special issues of world class journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Travel Research, and Journal of Advertising.

For the localization, KSMS organizes special seminars on the local marketing issues such as
the revitalization of traditional markets and the development of tourism.

Marketing Pioneer Award and KSMS Award are offered by KSMS to companies with excellent
marketing practices. Business Ethics Pioneer Award is offered to companies with high standard
of business ethics. These awards became our most proud tradition.

I promise you that KSMS will strive to be the best marketing organization in the world.


Seong-Yeon Park, Ph.D.


Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

Professor of Marketing

Ewha Womans University

Republic of Korea

  Korean Scholars of Marketing Science, Central Office: Dept: of Business Administration. Changwon National University.
9 Sarimdong. Changwon. Gyeongnam. Repulic of Korea. Tel : +82-55-213-3346, Fax : +82-55-263-9096