CFP: 2023 GMC at Seoul (July 20-23, 2023)

8 Aug 2022
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<2023 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul>

- Marketing & Management Transformation in the Challenging Digital Environment
1. Date: July 20-23, 2023
2. Conference Format: 100% Real Space Conference

   * We will make a contingency plan to move from '100% Real Space' to hybrid format (Offline + Online) in case.
3. Venue: A 5-star Hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea
4. Organizer: Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations
5. Hosts:

- American Marketing Association

- European Marketing Academy

- Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy
- Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
- Korean Scholars of Marketing Science
- Korea University 

6. Sponsors:
- Korea Tourism Organization

- Seoul Metropolitan Government
- Korea Economy & Management Development Institute
7. Partner:

- Association for Consumer Research

- Society for Consumer Psychology
- Greek Marketing Academy (Greece)

- AEMARK (Spain)
- Chinese Marketing Association of Universities (China)

- New Zealand Asia Institute of University of Auckland (New Zealand)

- Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
- Changwon National University (Republic of Korea)
8. Conference Co-Chairs:
- Roland T. Rust (University of Maryland)

- Renana Peres (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

- Robert Aitken (University of Otago)

- Chizuru Nishio (Tsukuba University)
- Tony Garrett (Korea University)

9. Academic Excellence Committee Chair:

- Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University)

10. Sponsoring Journals: Special Issues or Sections

- International Journal of Advertising

- Journal of Macromarketing

- Psychology & Marketing

- Industrial Marketing Management

- International Journal of Consumer Studies

- Journal of Service Management

- Journal of Social Marketing

- Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising

- International Journal of Marketing & Distribution

- Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics

- International Marketing Review

- Journal of Global Fashion Marketing

11. Sponsoring Magazine:

12. Meet the Editors

- Chair: Roland T. Rust (University of Maryland)

  VP Publications, European Marketing Academy

- Journal of Marketing:

  Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar (Texas A&M University), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Consumer Research:

Bernd Schmitt (Columbia University), Editor-in-Chief

- Marketing Science:

Olivier Toubia (Columbia University), Editor-in-Chief

- International Journal of Research in Marketing:

  Martin Schreier (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Academy of Marketing Science:

  John Hulland (University of Georgia), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Service Research:  

Ming-Hui Huang (National Taiwan University), Editor-in-Chief

- International Marketing Review:

  John Cadogan (Loughborough University), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Macromarketing

 Joseph Sirgy (Virginia Tech), Editor-in-Chief

- International Journal of Advertising:

  Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University), Editor-in-Chief

- Psychology & Marketing:

  Giampaolo Viglia (University of Portsmouth), Editor-in-Chief

- Industrial Marketing Management:

  C. Anthony Di Benedetto (Temple University), Co-Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Consumer Psychology

  Lauren Block (Baruch College), Editor-in-Chief

- Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics:

  Ian Phau (Curtin University), Editor-in-Chief

- International Journal of Consumer Studies

  Justin Paul (University of Puerto Rico), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Interactive Advertising

  Jooyoung Kim (University of Georgia), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising

  Sukki Yoon (Bryant University), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of the Association for Consumer Research

  Vicki G. Morwitz (Columbia University), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Global Fashion Marketing:

  Eunju Ko (Yonsei University), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science:

  Isaac Cheah (Curtin University), Co-Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Global Sport Management:

  Kihan Kim (Seoul National University), Editor-in-Chief

- Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESIC:

  Carlos Flavian (University of Zaragoza), Editor-in-Chief

- Journal of Service Management: 

  Werner H. Kunz (University of Massachusetts Boston), 

  Area Editor in Technology & Digital

13. Joint Symposiums:

- 2023 EMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium

- 2023 ANZMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium

- 2023 JSMD-GAMMA Joint Symposium

- 2023 GMA-GAMMA Joint Symposium

- 2023 AEMARK-GAMMA Joint Symposium

- 2023 NZAI-GAMMA Joint Symposium

- 2023 Ritsumeikan University-GAMMA Joint Symposium

14. 2023 GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chairs:

- Prof. John Cadogan (Loughborough University), Editor-in-Chief of International Marketing Review. 

- Prof. C. Anthony Di Benedetto (Temple University), Co-Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Marketing Management

15. PLS-SEM Workshop:

- Prof. Christian M. Ringle (Hamburg University of Technology) 

- Prof. Marko Sarstedt (Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich)

16. Organizing Committee Chair:

- Eunju Ko (Yonsei University)

17. Local Committee Chair:

-  Yerim Chung (Yonsei University)

18. Conference Proceedings Editor:

- Miyea Kim (Changwon National University)

19. Academic Tracks: 65

20: Conference Homepage: 

21. COVID-19 Response: Korean CDC will be in charge of this event in case.

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