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Title 2018 GAMMA Job Platform

2018 GAMMA Job Platform


The organizing committee of 2018 GMC at Tokyo is proud to announce the '2018 GAMMA Job Platform.' This platform acts as a bridge between academic job openings and scholars who wish to apply for those jobs at this conference.


The 2018 GMC at Tokyo, 26–29 July, 2018, is the largest marketing conference in the Asia Pacific region attracting scholars from all over the world. It is a fantastic opportunity to link potential jobs with candidates in this growing and dynamic academic market.


We invite you to post your academic jobs, or academic CV on this platform. More information can be found in the 2018 GMC at Tokyo Homepage (http://gammaconference.org/2018/).


<2018 GAMMA Job Platform>

Date: July 27, 2018

Venue: Hotel New Ortani Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Organizer: Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

Chair: Tony Garrett (Korea University), tgarrett@korea.ac.kr 

Target Participants: University/College Departments with Job Openings in Marketing or associated areas (non-tenure track, tenure track, visiting)

- Ph.D. Candidate or Scholars in their early career stage

How to Participate:

- Please complete '2018 GAMMA Job Platform Application Form' attached to this message and send to gammaneowong@gmail.com.

- Interviewer or candidate should register for the 2018 GMC at Hong Kong.

- Registration: http://gammaconference.org/2018/sub.html?menu=8

- Applications close, July 2, 2018.

2018 GAMMA Job Platform Homepage:

- http://gamma20.org/ => GAMMA Platform => Job Platform

2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo Homepage:

- http://gammaconference.org/2018/


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question regarding this matter.




Tony Garrett, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Chair of 2018 GAMMA Job Platform Committee

2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo

Tel: +82-2-3290-2833

e-mail: tgarrett@korea.ac.kr

Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

Global Marketing Conference (GMC)



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