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Title JGSMS Virtual Issue: Open Access

Special Issue of Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science:

Delightful, Useful, and Insightful (the New D.U.I.) Readings in Marketing


This first Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (JGSMS) virtual issue is a scholarly feast.  The feast offers highly useful contributions in the marketing literature by global and new leaders of marketing science—contributions by Richard Bagozzi, Russell Belk, Tony Di Benedetto, Roger Calantone, Christian Grönroos, Shelby Hunt, Eunju Ko, Donald Lehmann, and additional, insightful, scholars.


Each of the 13 selections in this virtual issue had to meet several requirements for articles published in issues of the JGSMS.  Each selection had to be in the top quintile of articles in providing at least three of the following four objectives: original contribution to theory (T), high scholarly skills (S), high practical usefulness (U), and high citation impact (I). Consequently, this virtual issue meets the following four objectives.


First, this virtual issue is a convenient source for reading and citing some of the most useful and high-impact articles in the JGSMS. Second, this virtual issue provides prodigious evidence that the JGSMS has come of age and why the JGSMS is now recognized as the top marketing journal originating in Asia. Third, this virtual issue shows how the JGSMS is the fountainhead source for East-West marketing scholarship—contributing to reducing regional scholarly ethnocentrism. Fourth, reading the selection in this virtual issue is a sheer delight—as well as nurturing marketing theory-crafting and analytic skill-building tools.


The JGSMS is the flagship publication of the Global Academy of Marketing and Management Associations (GAMMA) and the Korean Scholars of Marketing Science of Marketing Science (KSMS). Members of GAMMA and KSMS welcome marketing scholars in particular, and scholars in all sub-disciplines of business and the behavioral sciences, to read this virtual issue and to submit your future work to the JGSMS. Bon appetite!


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