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Title 2018 Global Sustainable Fashion Forum

2018 Global Sustainable Fashion Forum

Sustainable Fashion and Culture in the Networked World


HOST: Center for Sustainable Culture & Service, Yonsei University

ORGANIZER: Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

PARTNER: Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

SPONSOR: National Research Foundation of Korea

DATE: 14:00-17:00, April 27 (Fri.), 2018

VANUE: Chang Ki-Won International Conference Room, Yonsei University Library (7F), Seoul, Republic of Korea

PARTICIPANTS: Managers, Executives, Professors, Researchers and Students


2018 Global Sustainable Fashion Forum will be held by Center for Sustainable Culture & Service, Yonsei University. The invited speakers of 2018 Global Sustainable Fashion Forum are the world-renowned scholars and experts in fashion brand management. You are cordially invited to participate in this forum. Invited speakers: Prof. Arch G. Woodside (Curtin University), Junsuk Kang (CEO of NAU), Prof. Aluna-Yue Lyu (China Central Academy of Fine Arts), Prof. Ian Phau (Curtin University).


Arch G Woodside: 'Sustainability in luxury brand storytelling on social media platforms
- Professor of Marketing, School of Marketing, Curtin University, Perth
- Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science
- Professor of Marketing, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Junsuk Kang: Brand Journalism for 'Sustainability' in Fashion - Focusing on 'NAU' Transmedia Brand Storytelling for Living a Conscious Life
- CEO of NAU International INC.
- Director of BLACKYAK Performance Unit

Aluna-Yue Lyu: Attitude toward sustainability during international fashion art exhibition
- Professor the founder of the Department of Fashion Design in China Central Academy of Fine Arts
- The Chairman of the Academic Committee and Managing Director of China Fashion Association
- Director of the China Fashion & Color Association, Curator of International Fashion Art Exhibition

Ian Phau: Blood and Diamonds: Real Glitter behind Sustainable Luxury
- The Head of the School of Marketing, Curtin University, Perth
- Director of the Luxury Branding Research Cluster, Curtin University, Perth
- Editor-in-Chief, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

Panel Discussants:
- Tony C. Garrett (Korea University Business School)
- Eun-Ju Lee (Business School, Convergence Institute for Intelligence and Informatics, Sungkyunkwan University)
- Discussants: Kyung Hoon Kim (College of Economics and Business, Changwon National University)

Attached is an announcement of '2018 Global Sustainable Fashion Forum'.

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