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Title 2012 NMSBA-KSMS Joint Symposium

Call for Papers: 2012 NMSBA-KSMS Joint Symposium

“Neuromarketing on the Move”

Extended Submission Deadline: October 31, 2012


Date: December 1, 2012

Venue: Samsung Hall, Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Co-Hosts: Korean Scholars of Marketing Science (http://www.kams.org/)

         Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (http://www.nmsba.com/)

         Global Alliance of Marketing and Management Associations


It is our pleasure to announce that Korean Scholars of Marketing Science and NMSBA(Neuromarketing Science & Business Association) will hold 2012 NMSBA-KSMS Joint Symposium’ on Neuromarketing on the Move in the ‘2012 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul’ in Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. You are cordially invited to participate in the symposium.


The primary focus of this symposium is to expand the domains of neuromarketing as an academic discipline within the marketing field and to assess the business potential of neuromarketing science including the development and execution of marketing strategy informed by neuromarketing research. Specifically, we are interested in exploring two broad topic areas. First, how can neuromarketing science enrich our understanding of consumer behavior and marketing in general? Secondly, how can meuromarketing science evolve to become the next-generation market research tool?


This symposium encourages innovative research with bright new ideas and perspectives to explore the following (not all-inclusive) topics by both academicians and practitioners:


1.      Neuromarketing as a cutting-edge research field in marketing: What is it and how do we benefit from the new science in marketing?

2.      The integration of consumer verbal and neurophysiological responses

3.      How can neuromarketing shed light on unconscious consumer decision and affect-based choices?

4.      Methodologies and technologies of neural data generation and analysis to include fMRI, EEG, MEG, Eye-tracker, and optical imaging techniques to inform consumer decision making

5.      The neural aspects of consumer information processing, valuation, preference, persuasion, and purchase choice decision, etc.

6.      Social neural response and social comparison process

7.      Neuromarketing study of consumer self-control and will power to avoid negative consumptions and to promote conscientious choices

8.      Attention and eye-movement during exposure to marketing stimuli

9.      Neuromarketing strategy: how to enrich consumers’ feedback

10.  Reading the shopper’s mind using neuroscience


Submissions: Please submit your paper to both of joint symposium co-chairs


2012 NMSBA-KSMS Joint Symposium Co-Chairs

Rafal Ohme


University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Human Mind & Brain Applied Research Center

19/31 Chodakowska St.

03-815 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: +48-22-517-9612

Fax: +48-22-740-9010


Eun-Ju Lee


School of Business

Sungkyunkwan University

53 Myungnyun-dong 3-ga, Jongno

Seoul, 110-745 Republic of Korea

Tel : +82-2-760-0141

Fax : +82-2-760-0950



Submission Guidelines: Please visit the KSMS website (www.kams.org).


For More Information:

Central Office, Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

Dept. of Business Administration, Changwon National University

9 Sarimdong, Changwon, Gyeongnam

Republic of Korea

Tel: +82 55 213 3346; Fax: +82 55 263 9096

e-mail: stride@changwon.ac.kr

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