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Title APJML on Fashion Marketing in 2010: Luxury Branding Track

Call for Paper: Fashion Marketing in 2020

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistic Special Issue

Submission Deadline of Extended Abstract: January 15, 2019


This APJML special issue will include selected papers from research papers presented

at the 2019 Global Fashion Management Conference (GFMC) at Paris, Paris, France,

July 11-14, 2019.


APJML will consider papers selected as the best papers presented in Luxury Branding

track of the 2019 GFMC at Paris for possible inclusion of the review process for this special issue.


Fashion branding industry has gone through a transition phase over the past decade. In spite of

the global economic slowdown, the influx of affluent consumers in Asia has embolden

the industry growth. In addition, advances in digital atmosphere as well as the explosion of

social media have influenced the branding strategies, consumer perception and consumption

behaviour. The goal of this Luxury Branding track of 2019 GFMC at Paris is to shed light

on the contemporary issues in fashion branding in Asia and beyond. Special emphasis is made

on understanding the relevant marketing theories and practice. Both academics and practitioners

are cordially invited to submit manuscripts including empirical research, conceptual papers, and

insightful cases studies.


Potential research topics may include (but are not limited to) the application of fashion branding

and marketing theories, methods, or framework to:

  • Consumer decision-making process

  • Brand attitude and perception

  • Advertisement evaluation

  • Fashion aesthetic

  • Packaging, labelling, and design thinking

  • Sustainability in fashion industry

  • Supply chain and operation management in fashion industry

  • Luxury branding: contemporary issues

  • Managing fashion brands in digital space

  • Consumer-brand relationship in social media

  • Price and value perception

  • Ethical fashion consumption

  • Application of neuro-marketing in fashion branding


Selected papers submitted to the Luxury Branding track of the 2019 GFMC at Paris are

eligible for review to be included in this APJML special issue. Scholar seeking consideration

of their papers for publication in this special APJML issue should submit their extended abstracts

or full papers to the Luxury Branding track of the 2019 GFMC at Paris and notify their intention t

o publish their papers in this APJML special issue to the track co-chair by January 15, 2019.


2018 Global Fashion Management Conference at Paris:

- http://gammaconference.org/2019/


Guest Editors: 

 Anwar Sadat Shimul, School of Marketing, Curtin University, GPO Box U1987,

Perth WA, Australia 6845. m.shimul@curtin.edu.au

Lau Kong Cheen, School of Business, Singapore University of Social Sciences,

463 Clementi Road, Singapore 599494. kongcheenl@suss.edu.sg


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