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Title Extended Submission Deadline: IJA Special Issue for 2017 GFMC at Vienna

Call for Papers:  International Journal of Advertising Special Issue

Luxury Brand Advertising: Theory and Practice

Extended Submission Deadline for Extended Abstract: February 24th, 2017

Full Paper Submission Deadline: September 6th, 2017

The 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference (GFMC) will be held at University of Vienna, Austria July 6th-9th, 2017. This year’s conference theme is, “Fashion, Music and Design Management in the Networked World” (http://gammaconference.org/2017/). The conference theme emphasizes the need for educators and business leaders to make sense, plan, and interpret outcomes accurately of implementing luxury advertising in every corner of the business world.  The luxury brand advertising is a highly intricate and multi-faceted industry, which in the last decade, has experienced immense growth, and many challenges (Taylor, 2017; Taylor, 2016; Kim & Ko, 2010). The advent of information technology, coupled with a global economy in constant flux, has had a significant impact on consumer perceptions and experiences with luxury brands (Phan, Thomas & Heine, 2011). In an increasingly volatile and competitive industry, new and innovative luxury brand advertising needs to be adopted in order to stay ahead of the competition (Ko & Megehee, 2012).  The International Journal of Advertising(SSCI) invites academics and practitioners to submit papers to this upcoming special issue on ‘Luxury Brand Advertising: Theory and Practice’.

Topics: Culture and media studies in luxury brand advertising, Theory of luxury brand advertising, Measurement of the luxury value of a brand in advertising, Effectiveness of luxury brand advertising, Consumer behavior in luxury brand advertising, Psychology of luxury brand advertising, Celebrity endorsement in luxury brand advertising, Social media in luxury brand advertising, Strategic plan of luxury brand advertising, Cross-cultural issues in luxury brand advertising, Marketing communications in the luxury brand advertising, Technology integration and application in luxury brand advertising.

Extended Submission Deadline for Extended Abstract: February 24th, 2017

- Authors should submit their extended abstracts to the track called ‘Luxury Brand Advertising: Theory and Practice’ of the 2017 GFMC at Vienna to be qualified for the formal full-paper submission to the IJA Special issue.

- Authors should express their intentions to publish their papers in this IJA special issue.

- Submission Guidelines of the extended abstract to 2017 GFMC at Vienna can be found at:


- Track Chair: Professor Eunju Ko (Yonsei University), ijaspecial@yonsei.ac.kr


Full Paper Submission Deadline: September 6th, 2017

- Only the papers that are accepted, registered, and presented at the 2017 GFMC at Vienna will be eligible for the full-paper submission.

- The track chair will select the best papers presented at the 2017 GFMC at Vienna and invite the authors to submit their full papers to the IJA Special issue on ‘Luxury Brand Advertising: Theory and Practice’ for the formal review.

- All papers should be formatted according to the IJA Submission Guidelines.


- All selected full papers are subject to the formal double blind review process of the IJA.


Submissions and inquiries should be directed to:

Guest Editor of this IJA Special Issue:

Professor Eunju Ko (Yonsei University), ijaspecial@yonsei.ac.kr


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