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Title Extended Deadline: JGSM on eSports and the Global Sport Industry



Special Issue of Journal of Global Sport Management on


eSports and the Global Sport Industry


Extended Submission Deadline of Abstract: January 31, 2018


Full Paper Submission Deadline: September 15, 2018




The Journal of Global Sport Management (JGSM), an official publication of Global Alliance of Marketing

& Management Associations (GAMMA), will publish a special issue on eSports and the Global Sport Industry.

This special issue will provide opportunities to share research findings, and concept papers that explore

and investigate issues related to eSports and its role in the global sport industry.






During recent years, eSports (electronic sports) have become one of the most rapidly growing industry

worldwide and promises an unprecedented marketing potential. Various national and international governing

bodies have been established to oversee the rules and practice of professional eSports competitions.

eSports is now one of the officials sports of Asian Games, and is likely to join Olympic Games in a near

future. The most popular eSports World Championships garner more than 10 million simultaneous online

viewers, exceeding the viewership of many popular traditional sporting events. These few facts suggest

that eSports has become an important aspect of contemporary virtual-world consumption. Despite such

a rapid growth and potential, eSports has not been explored in the academia.




Scope of Topics


This special issue seeks to explore and update knowledge on eSports. Indicative areas of interest include,

but are not restricted to: (1) eSports and marketing, (2) conceptualization of eSports, (3) social and cultural

impacts of eSports, (4) eSports consumption behaviors and psychology, (5) perceptions of eSports,

(6) regulations and policies of eSports, (7) technology and eSports industry, (8) governance of eSports, and

(9) legal issues of eSports, etc.




Submission Deadlines


1. Extended Submission deadline of AbstractJan. 31, 2018


  • Authors should submit their abstracts to the track chair of the eSports and Global Sport Industry

               at the 2018 Global Marketing Conference (GMC) in Tokyo to be qualified for this Special Issue.

  • Track chair of the eSports and Global Sport Industry at 2018 GMC is Kihan Kim, Ph.D., Professor of

              Sport Management of Seoul National University, Korea, Tel: +82-2-880-7792, kihan@snu.ac.kr.




    2. Full paper submission deadline: on or before September 15th, 2018


  • Authors should submit their full papers of this JGSM Special Issue on "eSports and Global

              Sport Industry" through the ScholarOne Manuscript portal for the JGSM

              (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rgsm) to be reviewed for publication in the special issue.

  • Authors should indicate during the electronic submission steps that the submission is to be

              considered for the Special Issue on eSports and Global Sport Industry.

  • Accepted by the track chair of eSports and Global Sport Industry of  2018 GMC at Tokyo

  • Registered for the 2018 GMC in Tokyo

  • Presented in the 2018 GMC in Tokyo




    If you have questions, please contact the editor of JGSM.


    Editor. Kihan Kim, Professor of Sport Management, Seoul National University, Korea, kihan@snu.ac.kr


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