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Title 2019 GFMC at Paris (Extended Deadline: Jan. 31, 2019)

Call for Papers

2019 Global Fashion Management Conference at Paris

Fashion, Culture and Design Management in Sustainable Environment

Extended Submission Deadline: January 31, 2019

ESCP Europe, Paris, France


HostESCP Europe; Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

OrganizerGlobal Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

PartnersSIMktg – The Italian Marketing Association; National Research Foundation of Korea;

Korea Economy & Management Development Institute

Conference Co-ChairsBenjamin Voyer (ESCP Europe);

Minas Kastanakis (ESCP Europe)

DateJuly 11-14, 2019


Publication Opportunities of Sponsoring Journals:

Special Issue of Journal of Business Research on Digital and Social Media Marketing and Management in Fashion Industry 

Special Issue of International Journal of Advertising on New Insights on Digital and Social Media Advertising

Special Track for Industrial Marketing Management Regular Issue on Global Business-to-Business Culture & Fashion Markets

Special Issue for Journal of Consumer Affairs on Consumer Well-being in Asia

Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management on Innovative Digital Marketing Management in B2B Markets

Special Issue of Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (SSCI) on Fashion Marketing in 2020 

Special Issue of Journal of Interactive Advertising on 'Interactive Advertising and Digital Communications in Fashion'

Special Issue of Markets and Competitiveness (Mercati e Competitività) on 'Fashion Branding and Retailing

in a Sustainable Environment'


Symposium: 2019 SIMktg – GAMMA Joint Symposium


2019 GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium

GAMMA in collaboration with ESCP Europe and Korean Scholars of Marketing Scholars will organize '2019 GAMMA Doctoral

Colloquium' on Marketing and Management in Global Fashion World for doctoral students in marketing and management

in fashion related areas.


Meet the Editors

Roland T. Rust (Editor of International Journal of Research in Marketing)

C. Anthony Di Benedetto (Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Marketing Management)

Constantine Katsikeas (Editor of Journal of International Marketing)

Charles R. Taylor (Editor of International Journal of Advertising)

John Cadogan (Editor of International Marketing Review) 

Eunju Ko (Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Global Fashion Marketing) 

Arch G. Woodside (Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science) 

Ian Phau (Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics) 

Kihan Kim (Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Global Sport Management)



l  Luxury Consumption and Culture

l  Global Business-to-Business Culture & Fashion Markets Corporate Identity, Branding, and Reputation

   as Success Factors for Fashion Marketing Cross-cultural and International Marketing

l  Corporate Identity, Branding, and Reputation as Success Factors for Fashion Marketing

l  Cross-cultural and International Marketing 

l  Relationship Marketing in Fashion and Art Context: Real and Virtual Worlds

l  Digital and Social Media Marketing and Management in Fashion Industry

l  Fashion Branding and Retailing in a Sustainable Environment 

l  Fashion, Technologies, and Happiness

l  Sustainability in Fashion Management

l  Branded Wine Marketing and Fine Wines

l  Industry 4.0 and Innovation Strategy

l  New Technologies, Market Understanding and Fashion Marketers Decision Making

l  Sustainability and luxury brand in digital marketing communication 

l  Social media and customer participation in Fashion and Luxury

l  Global and Cross-Cultural Fashion Marketing 

l  Sustainability Marketing in Fashion and Luxury Industry

l  New Insights on Digital and Social Media Advertising

l  Big data and marketing analytics in fashion industry

l  Fashion marketing in emerging economies: 

l  Luxury Branding

l  Art and Fashion: Collaborated Design and Marketing

l  The Body: Fashion and Physique

l  Fashion and Advertising 

l  Consumer Well-being in Asia

l  Information Technology and Fashion: 

l  Luxscape: Luxury Brands, Sustainability and Innovation in Luxury Capitals: 

l  Culture, Communication, and Sport Management

l  Strategy & Innovation in Fashion and Luxury

l  Social Media and Fashion Marketing

l  Pricing and Promotions in the Fashion Industry

l  Interactive Advertising and Digital Communication in Fashion


For More Information

Conference Homepage: http://gammaconference.org/2019/


Central Office

Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

e-mail: gammacentraloffice@gmail.com 

Tel: +82 2 2123 8361; Fax: +82 55 263 9096

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