2015 EMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium (Extended Dead...
Global B2B Marketing (JGSMS Special Issue)
2015 HSE-GAMMA Joint Symposium at Moscow
JGFM Sustainability & Management in Fashion, D...
Extended Deadline: 2014 KSMS Intl Conference
IMR: Country of Origin Revisited
2015 AMA-GAMMA Joint Symposium (Chicago)
CB Landscape in Global Fashion Cities: JGFM Sp...


US Trademark Registrations: JGSMS & JGFM
2014 KSMS Intl Conference Program
KSMS International Conference Submission Guide...
2014 KSMS Doctoral Dissertation Competition
2014 KSMS Intl Conference Registration Form
GER (SSCI) special issue for 2012 GMC at Seoul...
2014 Global Business Review Competition: Case ...
JBR Special Issue (2012 GMC at Seoul) Published
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2014 KSMS International Conference
2014 GMC at Singapore
2014 GFMC in Lodon
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