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2015 GFMC at Florence
2015 AAA Global Conference (Auckland, New Zealand)
JBR on Leaving Pleasantville
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2013 GAMMA/KSMS Doctoral Colloquium
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2014 Global Business Review Competition: Case ...
JBR Special Issue (2012 GMC at Seoul) Published
2014 GMC Program (ver. 3)
Job Open: Yonsei University Tenrure Track Assi...
2014 GAMMA Luxury Brand Management Forum
KSMS Conference Code of Ethics
COPE Publication Ethics Guidelines
2014 Lotte World Tower/Mall Marketing and Char...
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2014 GMC at Singapore
2014 GFMC in Lodon
2013 KSMS Fall Intl Conference
2013 KSMS Spring Intl Conference
2013 Aalto University-GAMMA Joi...
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