Greeting from the KSMS President

I am very happy to welcome you to the Korean Scholars of Marketing Science (KSMS).

I have been a member of the KSMS since 2007, and now humbly serve as its president since 2022. The KSMS is one of the most active and successful academic associations in Asia. With its 24-year history (since 1998), the KSMS has not deviated from its goals to provide a global platform for marketing scholars to share their ideas and knowledge, and to foster engagement between marketing scholars, marketing practitioners, and students. Our association has created a diverse, interesting, and fun community and although we maintained this through the Covid-19 hiatus, we are now looking forward to welcoming new friends and old friends back to a more offline KSMS community. 

The KSMS has three broad foci, globalization, academic excellence, and localization, which guide our activities. Our globalization activities center around the organization of global conferences and symposia with our key joint partners. Since 2008, KSMS has been a key organizer and co-host of the Global Marketing Conference, a biannual conference which is now one of the largest marketing conferences in the world. We jointly host these with the American Marketing Association, European Marketing Academy, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, and Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution. These have been very successful in bringing academics together from around the world, and we are eagerly anticipating the next Global Marketing conference to be held in Seoul in 2023.

Since 2014, KSMS has also organized Global Fashion Management Conferences in fashion hubs in Europe jointly hosted with London College of Fashion, University of Florence, University of Vienna, and ESCP Business School.

KSMS has three official journals: Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, and Journal of Global Sport Management, which provide the one focus of our academic excellence activities. These along with the numerous KSMS special issues in the other world leading journals, such as the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Advertising, International Marketing Review, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Journal of Brand Management, and Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Service Management etc., provide numerous opportunities for our members to expose their best work to the world.

There is also a major emphasis on the skill development of early-career and, of course, more senior academics. We have run workshops that promote new scientific approaches, journal writing skills, ethical research activities, all essential to survive in the competitive academic environment. With our strong membership of exceptional academics who are willing to share their expertise, we are very lucky to be able continually provide more and more excellence to our community.

Along with our global and academic efforts, KSMS also works closely with local business and government communities to support their economic and social development. Seminars, workshops and other forum are held on a regular basis to discuss the development of new industries sectors or the revitalization of more traditional industries. For example, workshops/seminars have been held in the area of luxury marketing with an emphasis on how companies and economies can develop themselves as key players. Other activities and interest areas include the revitalization of traditional markets and the development of tourism in the cities where our conferences are held.

I could write a much longer greeting than this due to the numerous exciting things that KSMS is doing.  I am thankful to rise on the shoulders of those exceptional individuals that have made KSMS what it is today. I am really looking forward to meeting you all in the near future.

My best always.

Tony Garrett, Ph.D.
Korean Scholars of Marketing Science
Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School