2019 KSMS International Conference
JCA on Consumer Well-geing in Asia
2019 KSMS Doctoral Dissertation Competition
JA on the Role of Luxuriousness in High-End Br...
JCC on Creative Communications and Interactions
EMJ on Current Trends & Innovations in Marketing
IJA on the Future of Advertising
JGFM on Evolution in Fashion Marketing


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Publication Opportunities: 2019 GFMC at Paris
2019 GAMMA Young Artist Competition
2018 JGSMS Premier Paper Award: J. Scott Armstrong
KSMS Journal Hub Page: Taylor & Francis Online
2018 KSMS Intl Conference Program (ver.2)
Invited Exhibition: 2018 GAMMA Young Artist Co...
JPPM Special Issue for 2016 GMC at Hong Kong P...
2018 Global Business Review Competition: Case ...
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2019 GFMC at Paris
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